• Open the zip file you downloaded and navigate to the plugins/wmpayment path in your server's main directory.
  • Create a folder named paytr in the relevant directory.
  • Copy and paste the files extracted from the zip file into the paytr folder.
  • After logging in to the Joomla admin panel, proceed to the Extensions / Administration page respectively. Then activate the PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API plugin by clicking the Discover link in the left menu.



  • After logging into the Joomla administration panel, click on the Virtuemart menu in the top menu. Then click on the payment methods link.


  • By clicking the New link on the page that opens, fill in the form on the incoming page according to the following phrases and save.


  • After saving, we make API settings by clicking Configuration.


  • To find out your Merchant ID, Merchant Key and Merchant Salt values, go to PayTR Merchant Panel > Info page.

Installment Settings

  • You can make your category-based installment settings from the section in the image..


PayTR iFrame API VirtueMart Payment Module