“Our OpenCart module has been developed on official versions, in its simplest form (without plug-ins). It supports the Journal theme and the One-Page Payment method.”

1. Setup

Automatic Installation

-After logging in to the Opencart Administration Panel; -Follow the steps Add-ons > Install Add-ons.

  • Press the Install button and select the file that matches your Opencart version you downloaded. -Once the installation is complete, you will see a successful message. -After completing these steps, go to Plugins > Payment Methods. -Find the PayTR Virtual POS - iFrame API module from the list and install it with the Install option. -The installation process has been completed. After that, follow the section Configuring the Settings you can.

Manual Installation

-Extract the file with the extension suitable for your Opencart version you downloaded to the folder. -Copy the files in the upload folder to the directory where your site is. -Follow Plugins > Payment Methods. -Find the PayTR Virtual POS - iFrame API module from the list and install it with the Install option. -The installation process is complete. You can follow the rest under the heading Configuring the Settings.

2. Configuring the Settings

-After completing the installation, access the settings page with the Edit option.

General Settings

-You can access your Merchant ID, Merchant Key and Merchant Salt information at you can reach. Fill in the required information in the relevant fields.

Language: Helps you set the language of the checkout page. This language option is also available on the checkout page.

Total: The total amount that the basket must reach in order for the PayTR Payment module to be active within the Payment Methods. You can enter the amount in this field.

Checkout Page: Use this option to ensure compatibility in themes or modules that offer a Single Page Checkout option. you can use. There are 2 options as Standard and Single Page.

Note: Themes may offer option for providers offering iFrame Payment Method. You can reach the relevant page by following the steps of Opencart Administration Panel > Journal > Skins > Default > Checkout.

Status: You can set the module status to on or off.

Sorting: You can determine the order of PayTR Payment module in Payment Methods.

Order Status

Successful Payment: You can specify the status to be assigned when the payment is successful.

Failed Payment: You can specify the status to be assigned when the payment fails.

Send Order Note to Customer: You can choose whether to send the order note to the customer at the end of the payment transaction. If this option is enabled, make sure your email settings are properly configured for it to work properly.

Show Maturity Difference:

Open option; Adds a Due Interest line to the order subtotal and changes the Total Amount of the Invoice. Change Total Amount option; it just changes the Total Amount of the Invoice.

Change Order Amount: Changes the Total Amount Paid (including interest) with the Total Amount of the order in installment payments. This option does not affect the invoice.

Installment Settings

You can set installment restrictions. With the Category Based installment option, you can choose the installment option for each category. For products in different categories in the basket, the lowest installment option will be valid.

3. Setting Notification URL

Log in to the PayTR Store Panel, click the Settings link from the menu to reach the settings page. Click the Change button in the Notification URL Setting (Callback URL) section. In the relevant section that opens, select one of the options suitable for your Opencart version and click the Save button to save the changes. If your site has SSL, select https:// from the Protocol option. If you do not have an SSL certificate, select http://. If you install SSL later, update the Protocol here to https://.

4. Getting Started

Add products to your cart and proceed to the checkout page. Before switching to Live Mode, you need to test 1 or 2 times. After you complete all the steps up to this section, you can start getting paid.

5. Order Details

With the PayTR Virtual POS – iFrame API module, the details of the orders for which successful payment is received are noted. Here you can see the matching details on the PayTR Store Panel regarding the order. For installment payments, Maturity Difference is added in addition to this note.Payment error message varies depending on the error received.

6. Refund Procedures

In the PayTR Virtual POS – iFrame API tab in the order detail, you can refund successful payment transactions. The Total amount Paid in installment payments may differ from the Total amount. Entering the Total amount into the return entry is required. You do not need to enter the maturity difference.

Refunds from the PayTR Store Panel are not reflected in this tab

OpenCart module all versions(Supported versions: 1.5.x - 2.x - 3.x