Perfex CRM

The contents used in the document may vary depending on the Perfex CRM version.


  1. Create a folder named paytr_gateway in the modules folder.
  2. Move the downloaded files to this folder.
  3. Log in to the Perfex CRM Admin panel and click on the modules menu.
  4. Activate the PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API module.

Module Settings

Scroll down to the Settings/Payment Gateways menu. PayTR Virtual Pos is located in the top menu Click on the iFrame API tab. Then update the settings as shown below.

  1. Merchant ID, Merchant Key and Merchant Salt values, copy it from page and paste it into the relevant fields.

  2. Go to PayTR Settings(Ayarlar) page ( Then update the Notification URL(Bildirim URL) setting according to your own site address. (paytr_gateway/checkout_module/notify). Example:

Getting Started

  1. Create a new invoice. Then go to the bill payment screen by logging into the customer account.
  2. Proceed by clicking the Pay Now button. Then make the payment.
  3. After all transactions, your invoice will be displayed as paid.

Errors and Error Tracking

  1. You can use PayTR Merchant Panel for error tracking. You can reach the order and view the details with the order number or e-mail address.
  2. You can use the logs from the Applications / Event Records field in the Perfex CRM Admin panel.

You can download the Perfex CRM iFrame API Payment Module from this link.