Drupal Commerce


Requirements for module installation;


  1. Download the module from the Downloads area at https://www.drupal.org/project/paytr_payment.

  2. Go to the Modules tab in the Drupal admin panel and click the Install new plugin link. Then proceed by uploading the downloaded file.

  3. Go to the Modules tab in the Drupal admin panel and mark the PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API plugin as active and install it.

  4. Click on Profile types link under Configuration menu in Drupal admin panel.

  5. Click on the Customer link on the opened page.

  6. Then click on the tab named Manage Domains.

  7. Then click the Add Field link. Then proceed by selecting the Phone Number from the list that comes up.

  8. Then fix this area as it appears in the image and save it. Make sure the value of the field that writes the machine-readable name is field_phone.

  9. Finally, enter the values as seen in the image and click the save button.


  1. Proceed to the relevant page to add a new payment method as seen in the image.

  2. To add a new payment method, go to the relevant page by pressing the button shown in the image.

  3. Complete the module settings by filling in the fields in the image.

Note: To find out your Merchant ID, Merchant Key ve Merchant Salt values go to https://www.paytr.com/magaza/ayarlar page.

Installment Configuration

  1. Proceed to the Installment Settings page as shown in the image..

  2. Adjust and save your installment settings according to the categories on the relevant page.

Drupal Commerce iFrame API Payment Module